Exagora Theological Seminary

Thank you for choosing Exagora Theological Seminary for your theological education. We understand that tuition and fees are an important part of your academic journey, and that quality theological education should be both impactful and accessible.

We strive to provide affordable and flexible options for our students. That’s why we’ve revamped our tuition structure to offer you more freedom and financial flexibility. Our programs are now available on a subscription basis, making your pursuit of spiritual and academic excellence more affordable than ever.

Cost-Effective Learning

Our new subscription model ensures you pay a flat monthly fee, giving you access to a comprehensive range of courses, mentorship opportunities, and resources tailored to nurture your academic and spiritual growth. Complete your program at your own pace and enjoy the cost benefits—the faster you finish, the less you pay.

What’s Included?

For a single monthly subscription, you’ll gain unrestricted access to all the learning materials, assessments, and community support you need to thrive in your chosen degree program. There’s no need to worry about hidden costs; your subscription covers everything, from course materials to mentorship opportunities.

NOTE: The subscrition based fee sturcture applies to  Academic Degree Programs only, and not to credits/degrees earned through the LEAP, VALUED, or Honorary programs.

Here is a breakdown of our tuition and fees for each program:

Program Tuition & Fees

Associate Degrees - 60 credits

$200 per month

Bachelor Degrees - +60 credits (Total 120)

$200 per month

Masters Degrees - 42 credits

$250 per month

M.Div./S.T.M. Degrees - 60 credits

$275 per month

Doctoral Degrees - 45 credits

$300 per month

Ph.D./S.T.D./Counseling Degrees - 60 credits

$400 per month

Additional Costs & Fees

Enrollment Related Costs

$50 Application Fee / per program

Course Registration Fee / per course

Graduation Related Costs

$250 Thesis/Dissertation Fee

$225 Graduation Fee

  • Includes: Diploma, Transcript and Achievement Letter
  • Does NOT include Academic Regalia

Financial Services Related Costs

3.9% Transaction Fee

$30 Bounced Check Fee

Financial Aid

International Students

At Exagora Theological Seminary, we are committed to promoting diversity and equal access to education. Therefore, we are pleased to offer full tuition financial scholarships to students from Tier 3 countries, as defined by the World Bank.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet our admission requirements and provide proof of citizenship from a Tier 3 country. We encourage interested students to visit our Financial Aid page for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.

At Exagora Theological Seminary, we believe that every student has the potential to make a difference in the world, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. We welcome students from all backgrounds and look forward to the opportunity to support their academic and personal growth.