Exagora Theological Seminary

Program Overview

A general overview of the degree program


Pre-requisite: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent
Requirements: Completion of 30 credit core + 15 credits of electives, Master’s Thesis.
Format: Textbook, Study Guide, Research and Exams

This Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC) program of study will provide the student with a Major in Christian Counseling. The purpose of this program program is to provide the student with and advanced competencies as well as psychology and counseling insights through the preparation and case studies from those involved in professional and vocational of Biblical/Christian Counseling.

Graduation Requirements

An overview of the things necessary to complete the degree.

In order to graduate with a Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC), the student must have satisfactorily completed the following requirements:

Degree Core Curriculum

The core courses that make up the substance of an undergraduate Theological Studies degree program.

  • BC501 – The Psychology of Counseling

  • BC502 – Christian Counseling for People Helpers

  • BC503 – Hope When You’re Hurting

  • BC504 – Your Personality Tree

  • BC506 – Wired That Way

  • BC507 – How to Help People Change

  • BC508 – Spiritual Love

  • BC509 – How to Counsel a Couple

  • BC511 – Pastoral Marital Therapy

  • TS327 – Bible Doctrines

  • TS331 – Introduction to Theology