Exagora Theological Seminary

Program Overview

A general overview of the degree program


  • Prerequisite: Masters Degree or Equivalent
  • Requirements: Completion of Doctoral Project & Portfolio evaluation.
  • Format: Project + Portfolio


The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program of study is designed to provide students with advanced training and practical skills for ministry. The program is intended to prepare students for leadership roles in religious organizations and institutions, with a particular focus on the application of theological knowledge in ministry contexts.

Through the program, students will have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of ministry, such as pastoral care, preaching, leadership, or evangelism. They will be expected to conduct research and engage in practical projects that contribute to the field of ministry.

Exagora Theological Seminary follows the British educational model in its Doctorate-by-Dissertation program. Participants pursuing the D.Min. degree shall complete a ten-phase process equivalent to typical work beyond the Master’s degree in a traditional doctoral program.

No transfer credit shall be applied toward this degree, neither shall there be any credit for “work experience” or “life experience.” This is an earned degree and the development of a doctoral project is a major and significant academic effort.

Overall, the Doctor of Ministry program provides students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of ministry and hone their practical skills, while also contributing to the broader field of ministry through research and project work.


Graduation Requirements

An overview of the things necessary to complete the degree.

In order to graduate with a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), the student must have satisfactorily completed the following requirements: