Exagora Theological Seminary

Associate of Arts

Theological Studies

Program Overview

A general overview of the degree program


Pre-requisite: High School Diploma or GED
Requirements: Completion of 60 credits
Format: Textbook, Study Guide, Research and Exams

This Associates of Arts in Theological Studies (AATS) program of study will provide the student with a Major in Theological Studies. Upon completion of the program the student will have a firm foundation in the principal Biblical doctrines. They will have knowledge of Apologetics. They will have a good comprehension of God’s plan for the world and for man, and have acquired the necessary skills to effectively witness and minister the Gospel within one’s own ministry, and gain an understanding of their calling.

Graduation Requirements

An overview of the things necessary to complete the degree.

In order to graduate with an Associates of Arts in Theological Studies (AATS), the student must have satisfactorily completed the following requirements:

Degree Core Curriculum

The core courses that make up the substance of the degree program.

  • BI204 – Creative Bible Study Methods

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • BS203 – Bible History & Development

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • BS201 – Introduction to the Old Testament

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • BS202 – Introduction to the New Testament

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • BI303 – Intro to Biblical Hermeneutics

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • HS201 – Bible History & Geography

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • TS302 – Introductory Apologetics

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • TS305 – Know What You Believe

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • TS327 – Bible Doctrines

    Course Description Coming Soon

  • TS331 – Introduction to Theology

    Course Description Coming Soon

Program Costs

The financial obligation to the Seminary.

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Programatic Tuition

The programmatic tuition plan covers the entire cost of the degree program, all core courses, and the necessary number of Major Electives in order to reach the program's credit threshold. This includes all fees except the application fee, and the graduation fee. It also does not cover books. Payment plans available.

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Individual Course Tuition

The individual course tuition plan breaks tuition down into a pay-as-you-learn model. This offers students the ability to pursue their studies by a course-by-course manner, alleviating excessive financial strain and monthly payments. It does not cover books. All tuition payments are due at the time of course enrollments. All fees are due at the time of submission.