Exagora Theological Seminary

CO0101-C: Intro to Christian Life Coaching with IBC4 Certification

Course description

This course offers an introduction to Christian coaching, emphasizing its foundations, skills, and assessments. Students will learn how coaching fosters personal and spiritual growth, enhances leadership, and facilitates positive change. Additionally, the course will examine various coaching models, issues, and assessment techniques employed in the field of Christian coaching.

What you will learn

  • Students will be able to Understand the principles and practices of Christian coaching and its unique features compared to secular coaching.
  • Identify the foundational elements of Christian coaching, including its importance in personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, and change facilitation.
  • Develop essential coaching skills, such as active listening, effective questioning, and appropriate responding, to foster meaningful coaching relationships.
  • Examine various Christian coaching models, addressing ethical and cultural issues that may arise during the coaching process.
  • Apply assessment techniques to evaluate the coachee's current situation, needs, strengths, and weaknesses, while creating personalized coaching plans.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply Christian coaching principles and practices in real-world scenarios, reflecting on personal growth and development as a Christian coach.
  • Articulate a personal coaching philosophy grounded in Christian values, and adapt coaching approaches based on the needs and goals of the coachee.

Course Overview

  • Course Materials
    • CO101 - Course Syllabus & Overview

    • CO101 - Textbook Information

  • Assignments
    • Week 1: What is Coaching? Paper

    • Week 2: The Qualities of a Good Christian Coach Paper

    • Week 3: Coaching and Change Paper

    • Week 4: Coaching and Leadership Paper

    • Week 5: The Coaching Relationship Paper

    • Week 6: The Skills of Christian Coaching Paper

    • Week 7: Coaching Models and Issues Paper

    • Week 8: Assessment 1 – Getting in Touch with the Present Paper

    • Week 9: Assessment 2 – Getting in Touch with the Person

    • Weeks 10-11: Reflection Paper

    • Week 12: Final Term Paper

  • Lessons 2
  • Language English
  • Level Undergraduate
  • Last Update May 15, 2023


  • None

This course includes:

  • Syllabus
  • Course Textbook
  • Christian Life Coach Certification Upon Completion through The International Board of Certified Christian Counselors and Coaches