Exagora Theological Seminary

BI204: Creative Bible Study Methods

Course description

This course provides an in-depth exploration into the Bible as a text and aims to equip students with creative methods for studying it. The course is divided into three parts: understanding the subject of study, preparing for study, and applying creative study methods. The course covers the history, composition, and various versions of the Bible. It will guide students in the effective use of Bible study tools, principles of interpretation, and outlining, marking, and charting for a more structured approach. Subsequently, students will delve into the practical application of different study methods such as devotional, book, chapter, paragraph, verse, word, topical, biographical, theological, poetry, prophecy, and typological study methods. The course culminates with a research paper focusing on the application of a chosen study method on a selected biblical text.

Course Overview

  • Course Materials
    • BI204 - Course Syllabus & Overview

    • BI204 - Lesson Exposition and Study Guide

  • Course Assignments
    • Week 1: The Subject of Study

    • Week 2-3: Preparation for Study

    • Week 4-5: Bible Background & Study Techniques

    • Week 6-7: Studying the Bible

    • Week 8-9: Bible Study by Sections and Focused Bible Study

    • Week 10-11: Thematic, Biographical, and Theological Study

    • Week 12: Bible Poetry, Prophecy, and Typological Study

    • Week 13-15: Final Term Paper

  • Lessons 2
  • Level Undergraduate
  • Last Update May 14, 2023